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Hello there. Hope you are as awesome as ever. Sorry for taking so long for this post as I was occupied with a fiction work. Now let’s get going to the post.


We all are humans. No doubt about it. Being humans, no matter how strong, optimistic and self motivated you are, there are times when life makes a turnover and gets you off track. Even if you strongly believe that you’re the best or if even you really are the best, life is going to get you to the edge of being worst without even your notice. Its good to be prepared in advance for the changes that life is yet to offer us. Having tough times in one’s life is normal but how you deal with it and how you come out of it, matters. Matters even more than the amazing past you had. So, this post is going to help you get a hint as to how you can deal in such situations where you feel you’ve no hope at all and you’re filled with fears and worries of your uncertain future. We might be completely lost and to make it even worse, we would have forgot who we really were and would become just another person losing our identity. What could be the most important during these situations?. A small story about a guy called Roy who went through these tough situations.

I am Roy. A passionated photographer who loves taking memories in form of photographs. A final year engineering student who had been clear about my future but somewhere during the placements, lost my own self.

As the placements began in my college and there were some companies visiting my campus to recruit students and there were already around thousand students waiting with hopes to get placed in a company. Unfortunately, somehow I became one of them. I forgot about the love I had towards photography. I don’t know how or I don’t know why. I started preparing for placements as I saw many of my batch mates getting placed one after the other. I was not the Roy I used to be and the worst part was that I didn’t realize it even a slightest bit. Finally, I got placed in a company as well with a decent salary package. All my family, college mates and relations were happy. I was happy too but not entirely. Real happiness is something different but I was okay with the way my life was taking me. I received a mail from the company to accept the offer and join as an intern the very next week. There was another mail that read my photograph was selected for state photography contest and I had to attend the next week. Obviously, I had to go with the company. That’s my career and my future.

It was one fateful day, when I was chatting with my friend when she said that I’ve changed completely and am not my old self. I knew it from within but I wanted someone to say it to me. I agreed and then she explained me how much she adored my old self. Her message in her own words,

There was something special about you roy. I totally adored the way you were, so passionated and so different. You didn’t join the rat race but had your own dreams and ambitions. Right from the beginning, you did what you loved the most without even caring as to what will others think of you. I was proud to be your friend but you’ve changed lately. You’re not you at all. The old Roy was someone different and an inspiration for me. Think well and take a wise decision, roy. It is your life but there are many like me who adore you for what you were since it was your true identity. 🙂

This one message brought me back to reality. I began to realize how much have I changed and how foolish have I become losing my own dreams. Instantly, I logged on to my mail and replied to the company declining the offer. Looking at the other mail about the photography contest, I smiled and replied her,

Thank you for waking me up! Matters a lot.

It mattered more than anything and finally, I was able to experience the real happiness.

So that’s it. The story is over. Were you able to get anything from it?

Exactly. This is what this post is about. Some words that matters more than anything to someone. We just have to keep encouraging and be honest about our views on others. When you’re stuck in such situations in your life, seek your inner own self and your close ones who will help you to get back on track. Stay positive and make people’s lives better..

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  1. Surya says:

    It’s really an inspiration. Waiting to get know more posts like the above one.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. shariqfazil says:

      Thank you surya. I’ll make sure you get to read more such posts


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