Something more than money?


Hey there!.. How are you?.. Fine? Good!. There is no reason why you shouldn’t be fine coz life is small and don’t take everything seriously. If you’re stuck at some problems, have hope and You will find a way. Okay then, what do we have today?

Do you want to be rich? Of course! Everyone in this planet wants to be rich. But why?. Simple. Just because money matters the most in this world. Well, there are certain things that are above money like mom’s love, dad’s care, child’s laugh, etc. So, we all know that money is not the only most important thing in this world but honestly, it is one of the most important things in the world. From my heart, I always wanted to be rich. Something that would get me a life of a billionaire, uh, at least a millionaire. I wanted to ride all those stylish branded cars, own those massive villas and have my own upgraded life. So, to be successful, I wanted money which indirectly meant that money was the prime factor of success, if not success itself. Every single thought of money was shattered when I met this professor from BITS pilani, a very wise, calm and  experienced gentleman who was overflowing with knowledge.

His short name is Dr.Batri. That evening, as we had coffee together, I was seeking advice from him regarding my career and he was very kind in explaining me all the possibilities. I spent more than half an hour with him and I got to know that he was earning around 35 lpa when he resigned his job and took the teaching job. Now, he could earn probably more than 60 lpa which was more than thrice his salary as a professor. 60 lpa was no joke. We all know what it takes to earn more than 5 lakhs per month. I was taken aback.

I quickly asked him, without wasting a single second,

” Why professor? You could earn thrice the salary if you go to other jobs! 60 lakhs is big money!”

He smiled and sipping his coffee, he politely answered. I promise you, with that answer, your life can change. It changed mine. Here it is.

Son, you’re still very young but you should realize that there is something more than money in this world. Yes, I can always earn more by going for other jobs but teaching is something what I was always passionated about. Many other jobs can give me immense money but teaching is what that gives me satisfaction. Yes, I took a job in my early stage because I was the only hope of my family and I had to earn in order to keep my family happy but as I grew old, we are fine with what we have now. This money which I earn is more than sufficient for our necessities and if I earn anything more, it will be for unwanted luxuriesI don’t want to sacrifice my priceless happiness for some mere Gandhi ji face printed papers (money). I know, I know it feels hard for you to digest the fact that money is not that important but you will realize it yourself as you grow and I just want you to realize it soon, so that you don’t have to regret it later.

I don’t know why it affected me so much but those words had a great impact on me. I still haven’t realized myself if money is important or not but I want to realize it soon. I want to live my life and spend my time on things I love from my heart. I hope you would have felt the same and I am very sure that you will realize there is something more than money but I just want you to realize it sooner. So that you don’t regret it later. Have a good day!

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  1. Kumara sekar says:

    Really awesome words…. made my life clear !! I was in a dilemma btw money and my drm job !!! Thnx dude !!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad you found it helpful!.. Please share it and do follow for more such content. 🙂


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