Maybe we weren’t meant to be..


To my family and friends, who made me the way I am today. To all my readers who constantly supported me and helped me write this by chain of inquiries. To the people who gave me experiences in life that helped me to convert it to words.

I love you all and you’re very important!

Chapter 1 – Much Awaited Confluence!

Date: 25.12.2016

Place: Cafe coffee day, New Delhi

Inside the beautifully decorated hall of Cafe coffee day, I sat observing the surrounding in a dark gray leather sofa that was soft as the cakes this place offers. The stars hanging at all possible corners with beautiful lights, the music played in the background and the Christmas discount offer posters stuck on the walls made the ambiance perfect for the Christmas eve.  The happy, charming faces spreading smiles in the air.

Excited with each passing minute, I checked my dressing, new Van Heusen gray blazer with a solid navy blue T-shirt inside and a dark blue denim jeans with casual Jordan Eclipse sneakers. Not to forget my fossil watch that cost more than 20K in Indian rupees.

I recalled the moments when the little me dreamed of wearing branded clothes and buying her an expensive gift.

A dream come true, is that what people call it? I smiled.

I fumbled my fingers across the small box that carried all my emotions for her. One gift that will reveal all the feelings I’ve had towards her since my childhood. My mind wandered on the thoughts as to how would I react to see her after eight long years and how would she react on seeing me.

The tiring 18 hour long journey didn’t seem to matter much compared to the excitement I had. 

“May I help you, sir?” a waiter in his cafe coffee day uniform and cap, lips faking a smile, asked me.

“I am waiting for someone. Can you get back to me after 10 mins?” I replied with a forced smile.

I can hardly believe the fact that I had come all the way from Texas to India for her.

I rehearsed the lines for the hundredth time in my mind.

To see you smile is one of blessings of life. I wish I can make you and your smile mine forever. I’ve never told this before but from the day I met you to the day I die,  I love you riya!

Good. It took me three days to write these words and three weeks to master it. Today is going to be special.  How should I greet her? Maybe I should smile a little? Maybe I should keep my distance since this is India? Maybe..

“Ajay” a sweet enthusiastic voice exclaimed.

I turned back to look at one of the most beautiful faces I’ve ever seen in my life with the familiar touch of innocence.

“Riya?” my voice trembled revealing the shock I felt on witnessing how beautiful she had grown over these eight years.

With a smile on her lips, She partially hugged me and sat on the opposite chair.

The sandal colored solid kameez with red shawl embroidered at the ends matched her fair skin tone. From the quick stealing glances, I observed her face and body. Those cute innocent eyes sparkling brightly, her earrings dancing to the rhythm of background melody music, her nosering which complimented her already perfect face, her silky hair a bit long but the same. She had also matured a lot physically and I realized she is no more a girl now and neither am I a boy. She is a matured woman. Yet the same magical charm was inside her that made me fall for her again and again.

“So yes mister, lost in your thoughts? Or is it that you’re speechless seeing this beautiful girl?” She smiled teasing me.

How could I even respond to her words? It’s been eight long years since I saw this angel of mine and now she is in her complete form of her feminine gender. A man possibly will understand this feeling of instability which occurs at important times.

“You’ve changed a lot, riya” I was still under her charm.

“So have you. The thing is about changed to better or worse. I am better, nah?” She replied with a question.

My mind began searching for the right words to compliment her beauty.

“May I have the order, sir?” the waiter guy came for my survival.

I regained my composure and looked at the menu card.

“I’ll have a cold coffee and you, riya?” I looked at her.

“I’ve come to meet you. So anything you offer is fine”

“Okay then. We ll have —–” I was cut short by the waiter.

“Can I give a suggestion mam?” he asked to her.

She nodded.

“I’d suggest hot sizzling brownie love cake which is especially made for hot couples and it also comes with a one day discount today” he smiled and this time it was real.

From my heart, I wanted to appreciate this guy for matching us together and gift him whatever he asked for but now, I had to be a gentleman and had to neglect his offer.

“Sorry. We aren’t ——” I was again cut shorted but this time by riya.

“I’d love to have that one. Thanks for the suggestion. So yeah, one cold coffee and one whatever brownie love cake” she replied with a smile.

This was an unexpected twist. Maybe god has other plans for us? Maybe love had to be initiated with this love cake? God, My dear God!

“You should have told him” I told her breaking the silence.

“Told him what?” She asked, with the same innocence for which I once fell and still kept falling.

“Leave it. How’re you?” I tried to dodge her complicated replies and get to the typical chats.

“How do I look? Good nah? You still didn’t answer.”

“Yeah. You’re the same except for the fact that you’ve become a little more dumb and fat” I laughed.

“And you’re still the same stupid who laughs at me” she giggled.

I loved this part of us. Eight long years and nothing had changed. As we meet, it is still fun because we both knew each other well.

“So, how’s life?” I asked with concern.

“Just like that, a normal life. You should probably answer that one. How’s life, ajay? You were gone without a word and now after eight years, you come back? What happened, hero?”

The last time I spoke to her was before eight years, as a normal lower middle class guy, 17 years of age, a childhood friend, a secret lover and an orphan.

**** To Be Continued…****

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  1. Deva says:

    Nyc Shariq!! The way u expressed her( Beauty of her) was awsm….. Romantic you!!!!!😍

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    1. Thankew Deva! A special for thanks for pushing me to post it at time!


  2. Selvaganapathy says:

    Worth the waiting. You had me at the Riya’s Introduction and the ending…ooof.. what can I say?.. many things comes to my mind ,”what will happen next?”,”what’s with ajay and about his past?”.. there had to be more and I will wait with pleasure as long as it takes for you to write another epic chapter. The juice is always worth the sqeeze.. 😎😉.. keep it coming shariq.

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    1. It always feels the best to read your comments and it helps a lot for me to grow.. Thank you bud!


  3. Suhas nanda says:

    Very nice story. Waiting for the upcoming chapters!

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    Great work…Shariq…….. Mesmerized by your words….you have used……keep rocking as always……… waiting for the upcoming chapters……

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  5. Abinaya Ariharan says:

    No doubt u have beautiful eyes bro …..The way u expressed each and everything was damn cute …☺☺
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    1. Thankew Abi.. Hope to make further chapters good too.. 🙂


  6. Abinesh😉 says:

    Bro u have made everyone speechless…..the description of riya is just simply superb😍!!!!just cant wait …… is so realistic 😊

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    1. Thankew abhi.. You’re one such imp reader who keeps me pushing to do more


  7. Naveen sankar says:

    Bro ,awsme .waiting for the next chapter,,, a nice romantic touch

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  8. Fazil says:

    so…finally…my bro….
    is painting….a pure romantic…piece…as expected…for a long time…

    great…words bro..!!

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    1. Thankew Much brother!.. Your support is a pillar!


  9. SHEBEE says:

    Superb Introduction … Waiting 4 next …. Nice Work ….

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    1. Thankew.. Soon to be released.. Keep supporting!


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    Mass starting..waiting for forthcoming chapters!!!eagerly!!!

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    1. Thankew Keerthu.. Hope I’ll meet your expectations in forthcoming chapters too..


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    Nice… Charming words….keep going ..all the best..

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  12. Priya says:

    Worth the waiting Bro…. A beautiful start…. I’m running crazy on what will happen next… Great going….. waiting for your next epic chapter… 🙂

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    1. Thankew priya.. I hope I meet your expectations in the forthcoming chapters too..


  13. Aravinth says:

    Great experience, reading this one.. your words made me visualize all those emotions in him (ajay). Waiting for ur upcoming chapters bro.

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    1. Thankew Aravinth.. Glad you were able to relate.. Keep supporting!


  14. Dilliganesh says:

    Very pleasant to read….awsome dude. Eagerly waiting to read the next chapter. Carry on…All the best.

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  15. kanz says:

    Awesome!..we can’t be too good at describing ur words when compared to tht of ur’s!…
    Waah! Beautifully Maintained the level of tempting the reader’s curiosity!..
    Speechless man, what’s next ? 🙂

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    1. Thankew much kanz for always being there as my valued reader.. Hope to deliver the next chapter soon.. Keep sharing and supporting!


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    The description of the characters and the whole thought process are amazing bro!! Looking forward to read more of them 🙂

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    The story had a great start and the introduction part was like WOW. Very eagerly waiting for forthcoming chapters bro. My best wishes for your works to become a great success

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    1. Thankew much bud.. Glad you found it great..


  18. Kaviyarasu says:

    Wonderful start for a great love story. The end part where his past is revealed is nice. The detailed description of characters and atmosphere gives life to the story. Nothing can stop you from becoming a good writer!

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    1. Thanks a lot kavi for the words! It is such words which keeps me moving.. Keep Supporting. 🙂


  19. RBM Krishnaa says:

    Nice way of expressing how he looked at her with love and how he was under her charm…!

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    1. Thankew bro!.. Keep supporting. 🙂


  20. Madhu says:

    Awesome awesome .. yu made it Shariq .. Description of characters impressed alot .. waiting for the upcoming chapters ..

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    1. Thankew much madhu!.. Hope to meet your expectations in the forthcoming chapters too. Keep supporting. 🙂


  21. Akshay says:

    The way u described her… actually made me fall 4 her… it wz jzt magical bro!!!! Luvd d beginning N m eagerly waiting 4 d forthcoming chapters. .. plz du post dem soon!!!!

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    1. Thank you Akshay.. I’ll definitely try to do the best in forthcoming chapters too.. Keep reading and keep supporting!


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    Keep rocking Anna!! Good start!!! God bless u😊😊

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  26. Athiya says:

    I was mesmerized from the start! Couldn’t stop reading! Loved it and I truly believe you have true talent within you! Keep rocking and keep writing! ❤

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    1. Thankew athu! Do read more, comment more, share more and keep supporting! 🙂


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