Maybe we weren’t meant to be.. Chapter 4- Is this the end?

Much Awaited Chapter- 4 is out!!

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Ajay and Riya were discussing about Ajay’s life when the waiter ogled at Riya’s body and Ajay shouted at him. They’re back to normal enjoying chats and Ajay slowly takes his first step of revealing his emotions.

Chapter 4 – Is this the End?

β€œRiya.. I regret not talking to you for the past eight years ” I said, staring at her graceful face, trying to frame my crucial words to express my love.

“And I hate you for that. Good that you at least regret now” she smiled.

“There is no good reason actually. I just didn’t want to talk to you unless I met my short term goals”

“And what were your short term goals?” She placed her chin in her crossed arms.

“To fulfill my promise I once made to a dumb person” I grinned.

“Haha, you still remember the past, don’t you?” She laughed.

“How would I forget my past when you’re so much in it?” I tried some cheesy indirect lines.

“You know something? Whenever you try to do sweet talk, I am sure you’ve got something to ask from me? It should be some eatables as always.” She laughed again.

Yes, I had always tried to talk sweetly whenever I wanted something from her but how do I let her know that this time I try these lines for riya herself?

It is a big deal to ask her for herself, I know. Even then, she might consider having it as an option but this stupid sweetheart of mine is always taking me for a dumb food lover. Why does god make guys fall for girls who are so complicated?

I laughed and stayed silent.

“So, you’ve got all you ever wanted, right?” She smiled as the waitress brought the extra cake.

As the waitress left, she showed me her real feeling of exhilaration for the cake with her crazy happy face. She tried to make her face in all crazy shapes and for every crazy try, I fell deeper for her.

“All I wanted?, maybe yes, maybe no. All I needed?, definitely No” I replied nodding my head in denial.

“What’s the big difference?” She replied with a question.

“Riya, let me tell you this. There is a smartphone and there is this basic phone, which one will you prefer?” I asked a dumb question.

“Smartphone, obviously” she replied quickly.

Nothing wrong in riya calling me a dumb guy. I really am dumb. Get back to senses, dumb idiot.

“No, wait. Let’s say you have this X amount of data which is used to add essence to your life and Y amount of data which is very essential for your very own life. X is higher in amount than Y but which one will you choose?” I asked trying to be smarter but ended up the worst.

“Ajayy. I ain’t a data scientist. What happened, dumbo?” She laughed, eating the hot yummy cake while I suffered to make her understand my feelings.

Yeah. The X and Y data thing is related to my Data scientist work. Well, the two years at Boston Consulting group had made me a good data scientist but a dumb lover. Ugh, bring in simple common terms idiot.

I looked away annoyed by my own stupidity.

“Ajay. Look here, I’ve asked you a simple question of difference between want and need. Now here, look at this cake, can you survive easily without this?” she moved the extra cake to me.

“What’s this? I can. Survival doesn’t need a cake” I said confused.

“Exactly. Now, can you survive without air?” She asked her next question making me realize how simple she was.

“I can’t survive without air” I smiled realizing my own stupidity at complicating things.

“That’s the difference. This cake is want and the air is need. Simple? Now, leave this topic and eat” she said with her lips moving exactly the way her words pronounced.

The beauty of lips are best exposed when your girl pronounces a word with making the needed movement in her lips. Can you visualize it?

Now leave this topic and eat“. Her lips touching each other only when she pronounced the word “topic”.

” Exactly Riya. You should probably understand by now, I might have got things which I wanted but not what I needed” I again repeated.

“What are you in need of?” She asked, stuffing another piece of cake in her mouth.

Air. I’m in need of my air that keeps me alive” I replied.

“Ah. Poetic. Tell me about your air and I’ll try helping you get it. Haha” she laughed without a good reason.

You can never ask reasons for a girl’s laughter. If she laughs, just silently observe and enjoy her laughter. Don’t ask reasons.

You” I stopped to drink a sip of water, while my eyes remained fixed on her and I continued ” You’re my air, Riya. You know you’re the only reason for my existence and this life.. This is all for you Riya. Only for you

I felt a lump in my throat and as stupid as I always was, I felt emotional. Though I didn’t show it outside, I was very well able to feel the fact that I was getting emotional inside and I had to stop.

She stopped eating the cake instantly and her face was totally blank. Devoid of any expressions.

Girls show thousands of expressions in each moment but when a guy craves the most for a hint from her face, she hides all of them. Yes, Girls are complicated!

I waited for her reply and I waited long. The sudden change in her face made me feel that she didn’t like it.

Her eyes never met mine again and keeping her voice low, she began to speak slowly.

“Ajay. You’re still too much in the past Ajay.. That’s childish. See, you’ve got good job now, great life and you should be matured enough to not be stuck in the past. Past is past and we were children back then. Being very honest, your life is much better than mine. You should be happy the way you are”

Childish?  Past?  Matured enough? I never expected this from Riya.

“What better life, Riya? A life with everything but not you? I’d throw away this life just to be with you and you call it childish? Maybe I am not matured enough.Β  If leaving you is what you call maturity, I’d gladly remain immature forever” I said with the initial stages of anger in my voice.

The feeling of anguish was too much and I feared if this was the end.

****    To Be Continued…   ****

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  1. Shazia says:

    Interesting! Can’t wait for the next chap 😁

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    1. Thankew much Shaz! Keep supporting and Keep Correcting! :p

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  2. Gulshan asif says:

    Intresting Shariq…… keep rocking……. waiting for you next chapter….

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    1. Thankew! Keep supporting.. πŸ™‚

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  3. The way Ajay waits to show his love and ending up in some awkward moments in his attempt ,is making the story gain attention . The maturity and easy going nature of Riya had been expressed so well . Good job buddy

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    1. ThanKew again Santhoshi.. Do keep supporting and share it to your frnds too

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  4. Deva says:

    Gud Shariq….bt finish it in a positive way….bcoz TRUE LOVE NEVER ENDS…n I want d same in Ajay’s lyf too…”If leaving u s wt u call maturiry, I ‘d gladly remain immature faevr”….wow!!! Eagerly waiting fa d Riya’s answer….release the nxt chapter soon Shariq….

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    1. Thanks for the comment Deva.. Hope to make the next chapter gud too.. The ending? Let’s see what awaits.. πŸ˜‰

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  5. Mohamed Imdhiyas says:

    “If leaving you is what you call maturity, I’d gladly remain immature forever” Awesome words Bro….Can’t wait for the next chapter…Keep Going Bro….All the best…

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    1. Thankew much Imdhiyas.. Glad you liked it. Keep supporting and do share. πŸ™‚

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  6. Kaviyarasu says:

    Good one as usual! Better in terms of character expression.Keep up the good work!

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    1. Thanks for the comment bro! Will surely try to deliver the expected in next chapter.

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  7. Keerthana prithviraj says:

    Expecting more from you Shariq. Do have twist and go ahead!

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    1. Thanks for the comment keerthana. Hope to deliver the expected in the next chapter!

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  8. kanz says:

    Done a great job Man!…Your words makes the reader to visualize the entire scene…Pretty much seems like an awesome screenplay…keep going πŸ™‚

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    1. Thankew kanz for constant support! Do share and keep supporting! πŸ™‚

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  9. Ur way of describing an emotion makes
    The story visual to me

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    1. Glad you were able to visualize it vishva.. Keep supporting! πŸ™‚


  10. Madhu says:

    Awesome.. The way you expressed the expressions of this impressed me more…. “If leaving you is what you call maturity, I’d gladly remain immature forever” πŸ‘ˆ superb lines … Waiting for the next .. the final .. end with the positive answer from riya … Release it soon ..

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    1. Thanks for the comment madhu!!.. Hope to deliver the expected.. Keep supporting! πŸ™‚


  11. Athiya says:

    A cliffhanger, aye? Sneaky 😏
    But you kept me waiting for more! Hope to see a happy ending and a fully blossomed love story! πŸ™ˆπŸ’

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    1. I hope the last part wasn’t that offensive for you thouhh


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