Maybe We weren’t meant to be – The Final Chapter (5) – What is love?

The much awaited Final Chapter of Maybe we weren’t meant to be is released finally and now you can read the whole romantic story!!!


Ajay confessed his love to Riya but Riya wanted him to come out of his childhood and to realize what life is.

Chapter 5- What is Love?

“What better life, Riya? A life with everything but not you? I’d throw away this life just to be with you and you call it childish? Maybe I am not matured enough.  If leaving you is what you call maturity, I’d gladly remain immature forever” I said with the initial stages of anger in my voice.

The feeling of anguish was too much and I feared if this was the end.

“But that’s past Ajay, why don’t you —–” Riya stopped as I spoke.

“My past is real, Riya. I loved you once and I love you forever. We guys are so stupid that we can’t change ourselves once we commit. I don’t make fake promises, Riya. My love is real. My promise is real. I’ve come back for you with all the money your parents need” I replied in a single breath.

Her eyes welcomed initial drops of tears which stayed there for a while. I didn’t want to make her cry but my emotions had to reach her. I wanted her to know at least half of what I felt these years.

“Ajay. You don’t understand. There is nothing like what you think it is. You’re a good friend, okay? . A very good friend. How do I explain it to you? ” She clenched her teeth, resisting tears and turning her face away.

“You don’t need to explain anything Riya. Just tell me you don’t love me at all. Just tell me your words before eight years were not true. Just tell me I don’t mean to you the half of what you mean to me. Just tell me your past was just a lie. Just tell me Riya, just tell me I was like any other person in your life and I’ll leave. I promise. And I never make fake promises!” I replied her, my emotions taking over my words and my eyes showing  their weakness in hiding the pain I felt inside.

She remained silent while tears ran through her cheeks. She quickly grabbed a tissue to wipe the tears off from her eyes.

“You can never understand how hard it is for me, Riya. You’ve been the reason for my life Riya. I’ll never force you to love me. Never” I shook my head and continued “Maybe I imagined a bit more than I should have. Maybe I was a bit more optimistic than I should have. Maybe I loved you a bit more than I should have. I don’t know Riya. I don’t know why, but it pains. A lot. A lot more than I had ever experienced. You can never and you should never feel this pain. I wanna know the reason. Why? Why, Riya? Why not me? We will make the best pair in this whole world. Why Riya? Do I look bad? Am I ill mannered? Do I make you feel bad? Am I not rich enough?”

“Ajay” Riya shouted.

I stayed silent and for a minute, no one spoke. A single drop of tear fell from my eyes and I was very concerned to hide it from anyone around, especially Riya. Thankfully, there weren’t much people around us except for a college gang of six students who were lost in their world of having fun. I looked at the lonesome cake which resembled my nature of being happy a few moments ago and now was all alone. I tried to find answers for my various questions.

Why did I fall for Riya?

Where will this lead me to?

Why doesn’t she like me?

Why is life never always good?

Why did God create Riya in my life?

As I was busy contemplating the answers for my questions, Riya spoke in a broken soft voice.

“You are so well mannered. You make me feel great and blessed. And I don’t care about your looks or your shit money. You know I ain’t that type of girl. It is just that you’re, …  You’re late, Ajay. What do you think I felt when you left after saying those words to me? I waited every year hoping that you will return. I missed you each and everyday and realized I am in love with you. I waited for you and I believed in you. I knew you’d come but you were late. My parents forced me to get married but I resisted. My dad got heart attack and pleaded me. I wasn’t able to take up anything more for someone who once made a promise to me. My dad was dying and he asked me to get married.” She stopped unable to continue while tears ran through her cheeks non stop.

It was hard for me to see her cry but I had to know her feelings too.

“Even then I asked for final six months time and I waited for you. You didn’t come and you know what was the worst part? I didn’t even knew if you were alive. I didn’t knew if you still remembered me. I didn’t knew if you still had feelings for me. I didn’t knew anything, Ajay. You were gone without a word and no contact for eight long years. I had no options left. I gave up. On me. On you. On us. On our once shared loveI am engaged, Ajay. It happened last month” she was still in tears.

She is engaged. Right then I found the small ring she had wore in her right hand. How did I miss that while observing her from start? My heart refused to believe the truth but my mind tried to accept it. My optimistic heart gave me reasons to still make things happen.

“Riya. Don’t cry. I came nah. I am here. I’ve come back for you. I am sorry, very sorry. I never thought about what you had gone through Riya but here I am. I’ve come for you with all that your parents can ask for. I am alive and I still love you even more than when I first fell in love with you. I am here Riya. I am back” I tried to smile to console her.

She shook her head biting her lower lip and making a face of a sad emoji while her eyes sacrificed much drops of tears. 😥

“It’s over Ajay. I don’t want to say this but this is the end. My dad is still critical out there and I am already engaged. My marriage is in a week. May be this society will judge me for what I say now but I love you Ajay, with all my heart and I always will” she paused to catch her breath and continued while I stared at her, without any expression.

“Not everyone in this world are blessed with the things they love, Ajay. I am sorry. I– I love you but I am helpless” she cried uncontrollably, her hands constantly wiping her tears and her nose, pink red like a rose petal because of her tears.

This shouldn’t happen. God, show me a way. Riya loves me but we can’t be together. Why?

“It’s okay Riya. You don’t need to cry. Everything will be alright. I’m here and I’ll never make you cry” I tried to console her while trying to resist my tears.

Being a grown up man, I found it childish to cry for a girl but who else do I cry for, than the most important person in my life? . I had cried a thousand times contemplating her but I shouldn’t cry in front of her.

Trust me girls, if a matured guy cries for you, he loves you more than anything in this world.

“I know, Ajay. I know you’re the best for me in this whole world. I’m blessed enough to have you in my life but not blessed enough to have you as my life. Things you’ve done for me, I don’t know what to say idiot. I was angry on you for making me wait eight long years, yet the moment I saw your face, everything vanished. That moment when you grabbed the waiter’s collar for me, I was crying inside to have missed a person like you. When you told me that I was your air, you can never imagine the happiness I felt but I can’t hurt us anymore. I want you to understand that we never can be together and I want you to stop loving or thinking about me. I am at a loss and I know that. I am sorry Ajay. It hurts me equally but please don’t leave me Ajay. Ever. I can’t be myself without you. Please” her voice broke and she stopped.

“But we love each other, Riya?” I tried to find a loophole that will let us be together.

“There are millions of people who love each other but still aren’t blessed enough to be together Ajay. God has created humans and also this wonderful complicated thing called Love. God makes one fall in love with the other whom they might not have forever and that is so stupid of God. Why does he makes us fall in love for someone we can never have?. Certainly love alone is not enough to make people live together. We do love each other Ajay but Maybe we weren’t meant to be.” She replied wiping her tears off.

I wondered if I still lived in the same world. What happened around me didn’t concern me a bit. Slowly, my Riya, my air was leaving me and I found it hard to breathe. I tried distracting my mind from Riya’s thoughts. I felt the sudden fatigue of the long journey. I needed to rest. Thankfully I had already booked a room at JW Marriott for a couple of days. I had to check for flight tickets back to Texas soon. I had to.. I had to leave. I can’t stay here to see Riya marrying another guy. All my prayers had gone unanswered. Probably I had no more reasons to live this life. My gaze remained low when she pushed something towards me. Cake?

It was a card. An invitation card.

I looked at her and she looked back at me. As tears flowed through her cheeks, she quickly turned away. I took the marriage invitation card in my hands.

The well designed yellow textured card showed two names in the middle.


I had no control over my tears. After all, tears were the only possible way of showing one’s emotions when words fail to do their part. Yet I wanted to speak. One last time, I wanted her to know what I feel right now which I myself didn’t know. I had to give the complete power to words to takeover me.

“Ajay.. Please don’t do anything stupid” Riya spoke softly.

“You think I’ll die or what? Air is everywhere Riya. I can definitely survive in this world.” I smiled, wiping and controlling my tears.

“But then I can promise to survive but to live? I don’t know, Riya. I’ve loved you so much that I don’t even know the reason for my existence now. I gave up on this world a long ago Riya and this world is nothing. Nothing without you, Riya. I’ll be honest with you. It is hard and it is painful. A lot more than you can ever imagine. It’s funny that I now realize what being an orphan is all about. I– I never saw my mom, I lost my dad when I was just 17 and I’ve lost you when I’m 25. I don’t know Riya. It is just that you were my destination and now I don’t know where to go. No matter what happens, I always wish the best for you. Have a great life Riya but I never want to see you again. Please. It will make things worse for me. I wish you a happy married life” my voice broke when I said the last sentence but I continued.

“The bill is on me, Riya. Take this as my treat for your marriage. And you’ve no right to ask me to stop loving or thinking about you. I’ll always love you. Always” I said with a heavy heart.

I covered the first two letters of the groom’s name with my thumb and looked at it.

“JAY weds RIYA”

It was all dream. When I move my thumb, it will be my name. Yet the reality was eternal. I moved my thumb to find another guy’s name beside Riya.

“Ahem..” I coughed and paused to take a deep breath and looking into her beautiful eyes for one last time, I continued,

Maybe we weren’t meant to be“.

        *****          THE END!          *****

A Thanking Note from my heart!!

I thank all my readers for taking your precious time to read my stories and to have commented your views for each chapter. You’ve no idea what it means to me. I believe I was able to make you feel good throughout the journey of ” Maybe we weren’t meant to be”.

I am sorry as I was not able to fulfill many of your wishes of having a positive ending. This is not a fairytale but a story that depicts real life happenings and so I had to make it true.

Every fiction story is backed by the real life stories and I hope to write more such stories to entertain you. If you’ve any experiences, please do share and help me convert it to words.

I assure to come back with an even more amazing story to take you on a different journey. Until then, Keep commenting, sharing and most importantly Keep Supporting!

Love you all with all of my heart! Ah, too much of love for my heart to bare! XoXo


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  1. RBM Krishnaa says:

    Good one! But the ending could’ve been so intense. Just a suggestion. ! Good one da

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    1. Sure bro! Thanks.. Will make it better in further stories.. 🙂

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  2. Gulshan asif says:

    Shariq this is not fare…this is something we cant accept it…Iam feeling blue now……….😥
    Since this a fiction Story i can bare it….its toooo hard man….to read such an ending….. But great job man… one can really beat u for your melting words…and your icing sentence…… It is a great story even it had a sad ending…Keep Rocking for ever….ever Jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…

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    1. Thankew very much.. Your words mean a lot to me.. Hope to come up with another good story soon.. Keep supporting! 🙂


  3. Deva says:

    “U ve no ryts to ask me to stop loving or thinking abt u…i ll always luv u…..Always…”……
    WOW!!! Its really nyc Shariq….I expected d positive ending….even though it fails……the story s awsm….anyhow… Ajay’s love fa Riya never ends…. really I loved it very much…..Am waiting fa ur nxt Story……make it soon….

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    1. Thankew for the comment Deva.. Hope to make next one soon and with even better plot! 🙂 Keep supporting


  4. Jeevanesh says:

    This can happen to anyone who is in love…. The way you explain it leaves a deep impression on the readers…. That wedding invitation part…. ❤I was imagining that scene like a movie… Almost cried..

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    1. Thanks for the comment bro.. Means a lot! Keep supporting.. 🙂


  5. Mohamed Imdhiyas says:

    journey of broken love filled with lovely words made me to fall in love….Spent lovely time reading this story…thank you for this journey…expecting more like this from u future…all the best👍

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    1. I hope to deliver more like this.. Keep supporting! 🙂


  6. Magar says:

    Right in the feels..
    Keep going ..!!!

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    1. Thank you bud.. Keep supporting!


  7. Feeling upset at the end , I know it happens in reality but hard to accept this truth. I think I should have guessed this kind of end on reading the title but the story took me to a different level and so I expected a happy ending .

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    1. Thank you much… Hope you liked it though! Keep supporting!


  8. kanz says:

    Speechless!… Drove us completely into it emotionally!.. Unbearable… ❤ yet, finally he gave up on being immature.. Might be a Fiction.. but tough one to handle.. Unless there exist your words of Magical power!… Awesome Man..keep progressing 🙂


  9. Somz says:

    Ur words drove us crazy.. Amazing stry…Luvd it..But unexpected ending..!! keep rocking da … Waitin fa ur nxt stry !!!

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    1. Thankew somz!!.. Do share and keep supporting! 🙂


  10. Monika harshini says:

    Awesome story brother… This story explains abt d real world happenings… But it would be nice if they were meant to be…waiting for d nxt story bro…

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    1. Thankew for the comment da.. Hope to make more interesting stories further.. Do share link with frnds and keep supporting!


  11. I expected this from you shariq, fortunately u did it. But Not all real life stories end sad! do write more stories with different plots!!

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    1. Hope I was able to make it hood enough even though you expected it in prior.. Will make more interesting stories in future!! Keep supporting and do share.. 🙂


  12. Mahesh Shaker says:

    Really nice way of describing feelings whether happiness or sadness. Can you also write stories with a happy ending? Because your stories and the way you take it is really good even if it is a sad ending. And you are good at expressing the narrator’s feelings and observations too.

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    1. Glad to know your views on my words.. Keep reading and Keep supporting!! 🙂


  13. Athiya says:

    Noooo! Bruh! This was such an emotional rollercoaster of love and heatbreak! 😢 Hope they both find love later on as well (*wink wink*) (*Ahem Sequel*) 😂

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    1. Haha!! Not the typical Bollywood stuff here!! 😉


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